Simeon Viltz & Mulatto Patriot “Once Again” Featuring Pugs Atomz

Simeon Viltz & Mulatto Patriot “Hot Day”

The Promise “SoundCatcher” Prod. by Mulatto Patriot Feat. Pugs Atomz & Neak

The Promise “GO-DAP” (Get on Down and Party) Prod. by Mulatto Patriot

Pugs Atomz (BBE) “Hey Yall” Feat. Rashid Hadee & Primeridian Prod. Mulatto Patriot

Psalm One (Rhymesayers) “Ginsu Knives” Feat. Del The FunkyHomosapien Prod. Mulatto Patriot

Pugs Atomz (BBE) “Now Baby” Prod. Mulatto Patriot

Pugs Atomz “Now Baby” from Pugs Atomz on Vimeo.

Psalm One (Rhymesayers) “Better Than My Last” Prod. Mulatto Patriot

Mulatto Patriot Productions Promo Video

DJCXL Remixes International Connection

The General Featuring Pugs Atomz

Mulatto Patriot-The General Featuring Pugs Atomz from Mulatto Patriot on Vimeo.

Sonic Visuals Official Release Concert Footage Filmed by Tito G aka T-Funk

Cadillac Vinyl Featuring: CZAR Absolute, Maggie Vagle, Directed by Tito G aka T-Funk

“Showtime” (1 down, 1 ta go and 1 mo sho) Featuring: Prosper Jones, Mena, Directed by Pugs Atomz