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Press Quotes

“This guy is ridiculously hot on the beats and this album must be copped. Mulatto Patriot produced track after track of goodness. Furthermore, he combines the track with the right emcee for the job just about every time.”
Broke B-Boys

“[Mulatto] Patriot’s major achievement on this album is the scratchy and nostalgic “Cadillac Vinyl” with CZAR Absolute and Maggie Vagle. The swelling jazz strings and horns accompany Vagle’s breathy hook of “play that old school record for me baby.”
Quoted from Amalia Nickel’s Article in Abort Magazine

“There’s a real production value to this album; it’s very organic and human, which is comforting. The song “Everybody’s Crazy,” which features Prosper Jones and Czar Absolute, has one of the wildest piano loops that has ever been recorded on a hip-hop track”.
Quoted from Josh Fernandez’s Article in the Sacramento News and Review

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Featured Artist on Myspace Spring 2009
Chicago Reader
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DJ Quotes

“[We] are really feeling what [Mulatto Patriot] brings to the table with not just the beats, but the overall combination and synergy of the music that comes out with the artists Mulatto Patriot collaborates with.” – DJ Fuse, Fuse Box Radio /

“I checked MP profile on myspace, everybody is crazy im feeling it a lot, heavy production, lyrics are strong but overall It has a catchy funky beats.” – djdeoh

“Listened to “Mulatto Patriot – International Connection” and i enjoyed the “Swat theme – Rhythm Heritage” sample, also the different lyrical rapping styles and very clean cutting/scratching. Over all it’s a tight production and i definitely would play it in the club or on the radio. Is there a 12inch mix or remix out on this, that would be nice to hear?” – DJ lambie

“As far as the Mulatto Patriot joints, all three are heat. I see he got very cool people, crazy talented, and drop dead good lookin’ Eternia on “International Connection”. LOL That’s a dope joint right there. Cadillac Vinyl” is real hot too. “Showtime” would be my third choice if i had to do a 1 to 3 thing, but it’s still rockable.” – DJ Emskee

“Firstly dude reminds me of Grand Daddy I.U., take that how you want it but I’m just saying. I noticed the tendency to leave breaks at near their original pitch avoiding that played out “chipmunk” vocal effect popularized in recent years. The breaks that were chosen for this project that include vocals are especially nice and add to the track as if the singer was part of the project. My favorite track is “Cadillac Vinyl” and considering the subject of this track Mulatto Patriot obviously has dusty fingers and an encyclopedic mind when it comes to breaks. Cadillac Vinyl is a bonkers track that is best taken played at length and maybe a few times in a row. Intelligent sampling of the Hip Hop genre is also employed especially where Casuals line about people being better because they bite him is used. My other stand out track is “Swordfish” where the beat is another masterpiece and the concept of describing sexual endeavours with sea life jargon is too bizarre not to be dope. The album has a nice balance between smoothed out stuff and harder battle rhyme stuff. He has a good assortment of guest appearances and evidently gets around and connects with like minded heads with similar integrity. Overall this is a good project that’s been in our mix for a couple of months now and isn’t done yet. I’m looking forward to seeing dude grow.” – Brandon Ungarian (